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Who Said Being Your Own Boss Was Easy?

Some people aspire to work for themselves as a consultant, coach, advisor, mentor, or counsellor because they prefer the freedom and variety of working for themselves. They are also are prepared to accept the risks associated with working for yourself.

Some people though don’t get a choice. In today’s employment environment here in Australia, in fact globally, many talented people are being forced into the world of consulting, coaching, mentoring etc.

Why is this happening? Call it right sizing or down sizing. Maybe blame it on the robots and aritificial intelligence. But the facts are so called ‘secure’ jobs are often not that way anymore.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there is a big demand today for the sort of roles described above because employers would rather hire people on a short term, or contract basis for their expertise. And then, when the problem or issue is resolved everyone goes their own way.

Everyone’s happy right?

So, here you are, for better or worse, running your own business……And now the fun starts!

You get to make all the decisions and do all the work to get your business up and running and to hopefully create an income for yourself which is actually sustainable.

Oh…if only it were that easy!

Being Your Own Boss Can Be Lonely

Over the past two years John Munro, the Founder and Director of ThoughtConnect; Group, has met literally hundreds of self employed coaches, consultants and advisors.

In that time he has found that many self employed people feel isolated and often quite alone as they struggle with the multiple demands of their business.

Anyone coming from a corporate environment or traditional employment scenario into self employment immediately often miss not having trusted colleagues and associates around.

Those water cooler conversations, impromptu hallway meetings, and even formal sit downs are invaluable to creative problem solving.

Being self employed it is often difficult to find someone to bounce ideas around with, to seek help or advice on problems and with ‘how to’ information. Sometimes just to have some like minded people around that you can have a friendly yarn with can make all the difference in how you are feeling about your day and life generally..

Providing a collegial support environment for consultants, coaches, advisors and mentors was one of the driving forces for John founding the ThoughtConnect; Group.

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What We Do

We provide a range of services that nurture and support micro, freelance and small business owners in a collegial environment.

These services have been designed particularly for people working as consultants, coaches, advisors, mentors and counsellors.


One To One Mentoring

Be personally mentored either by Owner |Director John Munro, or one of our Foundation Associates.

All of our mentors have held executive and senior management positions within their individual areas of expertise.

Webinars & Courses

ThoughtConnected has an extensive range of learning opportunities for you to assist you to master the technical aspects of running your business.

We also know that micro and small business owners often need support in the areas of personal growth, self confidence and mental attitude. A number of our webinars and courses will assist you to stay on track in these important areas.

Why We Are Different

Rather than try to be all things to all people, is tightly focused on supporting the micro/small business owner.

In particular, we specialise in helping people who specialise in helping other businesses through their work as consultants, coaches, advisors, mentors and counsellors.

All of the Foundation Associates in The ThoughtConnect; Group are actively involved themselves in operating these kinds of businesses. Perhaps the main difference between our Associates and you lies in the depth and quality of their experience.

In most cases our Associates have learned through the school of hard knocks about how to operate a sustainable business.  So, the benefit of being coached and mentored by one of our Associates is that you increase the chances of avoiding the expensive and time consuming mistakes they have made in their businesses.

Finally though, the major advantage to you in using the services of is that you gain access to the collective experience of our Associates.

If you take the time to add up the collective years of experience of all our Associates you’ll quickly see that you have at your fingertips access to literally hundreds of years of experience.

Hear From Some Of Our Foundation Associates

ThoughtConnect; Group Associates share quite diverse backgrounds and have an extensive array of specialised skills and knowledge.

They share the challenges all consultants face which is how to maintain a sustainable consulting business in a highly competitive environment.

For that reason they chose to leverage on the mentoring and support available through ThoughtConnect; Group, and to collaborate with other Associates on joint ventures in the consulting area.

Associates of ThoughtConnect; Group are never alone!

And in operating your own micro/small business there’s no need for you to be alone either.

Take a moment to learn a little more about some of our Associates and what they have to offer you or your clients.

Kate supports and nurtures managers, team leaders, CEO’s and small business owners to effectively manage conflict and to build strong and resilient teams.

Kate Russell

Business Coach, Adelaide Conflict Management

Anthony works strategically with entrepreneurs and consultants to get parts of their business online in order to broaden their reach and income generating capability.

Anthony McAvaney

Coach - Developing Business Online, Get Online Lab

Any business can benefit from Davids insights into capability, leadership and strategic planning, which sees David working with a range of businesses across a range of industries.

David Watts

Business & Leadership Coach, Two Steps Forward Consulting

Lee-Anne’s expertise is derived from many years of auditing, analysing and designing systems that are practical, comply with current international WHS, Environment and Quality standards.

Lee-Anne Folkers

Work Health, Safety and Injury Management Practitioner, Folkers Consulting

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