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Man wearing headphones leaning back in his chair in front of a computer doing an online training session.ThoughtConnected.com.au is the online coaching, training and mentoring portal (gateway) for people who are already self employed, or aspire to be self employed as a consultant, coach, mentor, advisor, or counsellor.

It forms an essential part of the ThoughtConnect; Group which you can find out more about by clicking here.

A major obstacle for many micro business owners in accessing coaching and training they need and want to improve their skills and knowledge is how to access this kind of material at times and in a format convenient to them.

Delivering coaching, training and mentoring online offers lots of flexibility for both the user, and the provider in terms of how and when this type of content is delivered.

Accessing what ThoughtConnected.com.au is therefore easy for the small business owner. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop.

Because we record all our live online group training sessions, have the choice of participating in either live online, and/or accessing the recording from our member’s training library.

The Origins of ThoughtConnected.com.au

The experience of Owner/Founder John Munro in senior and executive management positions has also helped him to identify other important needs that self employed people have – needs directly related to ‘how’ to run a successful micro, consulting or freelance business.

This included things like:

  • basic sales, marketing and business development strategies
  • how to price your services and set up service agreements so that you get paid for your work
  • ensuring legislative and legal compliance in your business
  • how to create sustainable income streams e.g. passive income for the business
  • deciding what business structure to operate under
  • etc

This has led him to setting up the ThoughtConnected.com.au portal with the sole focus of providing the kind of information, training, coaching and mentoring that met the needs of small and micro business owners.

Recognising that micro business owners don’t work fixed 9-5 type hours John wanted to ensure that this material was made available in a way which was highly flexible and convenient to the business owner.

Therefore you will find a variety of material in a variety of formats:

  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Live and recorded Q & A forums
  • Webcasts and podcasts
  • Video short courses
  • Document downloads

John L Munro – Owner | Director

Prior to establishing The ThoughtConnect; Group John’s career encompassed more than 30 years experience in the Financial Planning, Insurance, Project Management and Banking industries.

His impressive career included senior management and executive level roles as National Manager, State Manager, State Sales Manager and Regional Manager.  These roles have been with organisations such as AMP, Bendigo Adelaide Bank, BT and Westpac.

Given this history, it is evident that John has a track record of success at both a personal and business level.

He has a firmly held belief that what underpins success in business is the relationships you have with clients, customers and family. Ultimately they are the reason for all that you do and strive to achieve in your business.

He also firmly believes there is one more critical success factor for any business……and that is that whatever we do for our clients and customers must ADD VALUE to them.

In addition to this impressive career, John has for a number of years provided coaching, mentoring and personal counselling to many senior business executives and business owners.

In that time he has confirmed a long held belief that self employed consultants, advisors and freelance professionals need a safe environment, nurturing, empathy and support as they work through the challenges of achieving their aspirations and goals and living out their dream.

Why is John such a great coach and mentor?

Apart from his impressive career credentials, John has, like all of us, experienced life’s ups and downs. His life and business experiences enable him to be a truly empathic listener.

Added to that are the skills he has gained in personal and life counselling through the volunteer work he has done with organisations such as Lifeline.

Associate – Anthony McAvaney

Anthony has had a distinguished and varied career which has involved roles in a diverse range of industries which include Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale, IT Recruitment, and Higher Education.

He has held management and senior management roles during his corporate career and has also had several lengthy periods of self employment as a consultant.

For the majority of his career Anthony has been specialist in the corporate training and development field before diversifying into fields such as recruitment, personal counselling, outplacement counselling, job search coaching and career counselling.

Since 2007 he has been active in developing a range of online businesses for himself and is well versed in aspects of web site development, affiliate and referral marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, script writing, sales funnel development and other online business development and sales strategies.

Anthony met John and decided to join the ThoughtConnect; Group as a Founding Associate  in early 2015.

Since then Anthony and John Munro have joined forces to develop the online coaching and mentoring portal which is ThoughtConnected.com.au.

What People Are Saying About ThoughtConnect; Group

Andrew Harding

Sometimes its about having someone to encourage and challenge you to keep pushing on, to do what you know needs doing, especially when it all seems a bit hard.

For me, that person was John Munro. He shared my vision, then helped me “stay the course” by listening, encouraging and at times, being that “unreasonable friend” but always supporting me as an individual.

Annelie Lourens

Setting up your own new consultancy business is often a strange and challenging process. I am so thankful that I could walk the road with John Munro and the other associates in The ThoughtConnect; Group.

Anthony McAvaney

As a coach and mentor John Munro has an amazing business brain and combines this with experience in senior and executive roles. I consider it a privilege to have him sit down regularly with me to work my attitude and on the health and viability my business.

Matt Cesaro

As a group, ThoughtConnect associates are collaborative and open to sharing knowledge and insights from their varied experience. John Munro is effective at creating the space for these connections and valuable discussions to occur.

Kate Russell

John is a caring, skilled and practical coach and leader.

He attracts dynamic, engaged and thoughtful entrepreneurs to the Thought Connect Group. Through the Thought Connect Group, John provides opportunities for collaboration, professional and personal development.

The majority of the Associates in the Group are solo practitioners…but we are not alone. We share our knowledge, experience and our journeys. We feel supported and valued.

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