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Here you will find a directory of links to the various FREE webinars and other resources we provide to our members

We cover a broad variety of subjects which will be of relevance to self employed consultants, advisors, coaches, mentors, counsellors and freelance operators of micro and small businesses.

They have been put together and presented by Associates and Partners of The ThoughtConnect; Group.

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Webinar Replay - "How To Convert Leads Into Loyal Clients Using Neuroscience"

Rebekah Smith from and Associate Member of ThoughtConnect; Group

Duration: 55 minutes
Date: October 2018

Rebekah Smith

Webinar Presenter

Webinar Replay - What Are The Steps To Successfully Transitioning Into Your Own Business?

John Munro, Owner/Founder of The ThoughtConnect; Group.

Duration: 49 minutes
Date: October 2018

John Munro

Webinar Presenter

6 Part Video Training Series: Developing A Sustainable Consulting Business - Online

Anthony McAvaney is an Associate of The ThoughtConnect; Group and is Principal Consultant of Get Online Lab

Total Duration of The Series: 1 hour, 2 minutes
Date: October 2018

Overview of the six sessions

Sustaining year round cash flow is a challenge for all self employed consultants, coaches, advisors, mentors, counsellors and freelancers.

Many continue to rely on traditional offline methods to attract paying clients.

Today the internet makes it possible for self employed consultants to leverage their time, expand their market reach, AND to create additional streams of income – online.

In this 6 part series, Anthony provides an overview of how consultants can set themselves up to take advantage of those online opportunities:

  1. Part 1 – Basic concepts for doing business online
  2. Part 2 – How to define who is your customer
  3. Part 3 – How to decided on a product to offer online and a platform to deliver it to customers
  4. Part 4 – Designing a sales funnel
  5. Part 5 – How to create digital products; tools and resources needed to get products online
  6. Part 6 – Summary, and next steps

Download worksheets from here

There are two worksheets referred to during the training. They are available for download here:

Anthony McAvaney - Get Online Lab

Training Session Presenter

Webinar Replay - 10 Taxation Related Accounting Tips For Self Employed Consultants

Matthew Gordge, Director of accounting firm RSM Australia. Matt is a sponsor partner of The ThoughtConnect; Group. Matt’s presentation contains 10 important and helpful tips relating to taxation related accounting practices for consultants.

Duration: 24 minutes
Date: September 2018

Matthew Gordge

Webinar Presenter

Webinar Replay - Automating Your Income

This short webinar will help you to evaluate if, in your business, there is the potential to create passive income by creating digital products and then marketing them to your clients.

Duration: 22 minutes;
Date: September 2018

Anthony McAvaney

Webinar Presenter

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