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Mentoring Program

3 Month Trial Registration

We are delighted you have decided to try out our exclusive Mentoring Program which we are offering to you at a 50% discount for the next 3 months.

Over the next 3 months your membership of this program gives you access to a personalised and live online mentoring session with your designated mentor Рeither John Munro, or Anthony McAvaney.

This will involve 3 x 1 monthly, online, and live coaching and mentoring sessions of approximately 45-60 minutes duration.

The aim of our Mentoring Program is to help you to establish your business on solid foundations and direct you towards strategies for growth and sustainability.

One the completion of the trial program we would of course be delighted if you would allow us to continue to work alongside you when you continue your subscription at the usual monthly membership rate.

To get started with the Mentoring Program trial simply complete the registration form below.

(Note: Prices include GST)

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