The Value of A Mentor

Ask just about any successful business person how they achieved their success and many will tell you that they had a mentor to guide them through the process.

A common misconception is that having a mentor is only for the young and inexperienced business owner. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mentorship is something that can benefit anyone who seeks knowledge and wants to get ahead in business and in life.

Trial and error will certainly help you learn (the hard way), but nothing replaces receiving guidance from someone who has been there before, or who is in their life/business where you aspire to be.

Providing mentorship to others is a key element in what we are about at

Mentorship Packages

Choosing Your Mentor

When choosing your mentor you will want someone who is a good fit with your area of business interest and whose area of expertise is related to your present needs for coaching and mentoring.

Check out The ThoughtConnect; Group Associates page and you will see that you have access to a vast array of experience and talent to choose from when selecting your mentor.

What To Do

We recommend as a first step that you make contact with Owner|Founder of The ThoughtConnect; Group John Munro for a brief confidential discussion of your needs.

To make contact either call John on the number above, or use the contact form below.

Following that discussion, you can either indicate your preference to John for a mentor with ThoughtConnect; Group, or he can direct you to the Associate he feels might best meet your needs.



A number of mentoring packages are available ranging from a single pay as you go session to a package of sessions.

John Munro will be able to provide details of prices.

Contact John either by using the contact form below, or call him direct on the number at the top of this page.

Enquire Now About Mentorship Packages

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