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Our Training & Education Program’s training program has been designed to provide you with practical information and guidance to assist you and your business grow.

Our training and education sessions will be delivered by John Munro, Anthony McAvaney and some of our Associates and Business Partners in The ThoughtConnect; Group.

To gain an appreciation of the quality of advice and guidance, and the diversity of business experience you will have access to in our training program take a look now at the Meet The Team Page.

You can check here what’s coming up in our regular schedule of free and paid training and educational events.

What Types of Topics Are Covered?

From Just Getting Started To Expansion And Growth aims to meet the training and education needs of the micro/small business at the various their stage of development.

We recognise that the needs of consultants, advisors, coaches, mentors and counsellors will vary according to their individual disciplines, and at stages of development in their business.

Getting Started In Your Own Business

If you are just in the planning, or early stages setting up your consultancy or coaching practice you will find our Starter series of webinars to be invaluable.

At this stage of your business development there are lots of things to think about, and many important decisions to be made to ensure your business is set up on a secure and sustainable footing.

The topics in our Starter series will assist you to do that:

  • What is the best operating structure for you – sole trader, partnership, company or trust? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What documentation do you need to get set up?
  • How to establish the prices of your services and products
  • How to develop a strategic business plan for your business. Why is this recommended?
  • How to develop a marketing plan. Why is this recommended?
  • Developing your sales strategy. Why do you need a strategy?
  • How to implement good business governance policies and practices – accounting, professional liability, establishing policies and procedures such as service agreements, terms and conditions of trade etc.

Who Is This Series For?

This series is ideal for someone in the early stages of establishing a business – from pre-start up to 12-18 months after establishment.

Expansion Series

Our Expansion series of webinars and short courses have been designed to provide you with content that will directly help you to expand your business.

Some of the specialised topics you can expect to be covered in this series include:

  • Taking your business online – this is more than simply having a website. Rather it’s about how you can create online income streams for yourself by turning some of your intellectual property into digital products and then selling them.
  • Advanced marketing strategies – online and offline
  • Submitting for tenders and grants
  • More to come….there could be a series of session made available under broad headings e.g Marketing strategies could have separate sessions dealing with things like – developing your customer avatar, email marketing, paid advertising etc

Who Are These Types of Sessions For?

Our expansion series sessions will particularly suit business operators who have established their businesses and are now focused on growth, establishing diversified sources of income, and are seeking to leverage their time and intellectual property.



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Membership Has Its Privileges

All of our paid webinars and training events are of course available to you as one-off stand alone purchases.

You can also purchase on a one-off basis a session with your mentor.

However, once you experience receiving the quality of information from our training events, and you understand the value you gain from your time with your mentor we are confident you will want to take advantage of our Membership packages.

Starter Series

Our Starter series consists of six stand-alone, 1 hour coaching webinars.

You have the option of choosing only the topics which are of interest, and relevance to you.

However, we believe that the information contained in the entire six sessions is essential knowledge for people in the start up or early stages of being in business.

If you agree, we are therefore offering the entire package of the six webinars to you at a discounted price

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Membership Plus Package

Our Membership Plus package includes access to a bundle of six webinars at a discounted price, rather than paying to attend our webinars on a per session basis.

In addition to accessing the six webinars our Plus package includes two one on one mentoring sessions of 45-60 minutes duration.

The mentoring sessions will in most cases be conducted as an online meeting using Zoom.

We will be regularly emailing you details of our various Membership Plus package offers.

To be included in the mailing list for this please register here.

Annual Online Membership

The Annual Online Membership is our flagship membership program.

Here’s what you get when you become an Annual Online Member:

  • Access to our entire library of recorded webinars and courses at any time while you retain your membership.
  • Special access to live events and webinars exclusive to our Annual Members.
  • Twelve one-to-one mentoring sessions of 30-45 minutes duration. Discuss regularly with your mentor how you and your business are progressing.

Submit your application for Annual Membership here.*

*Please note we review all applications to ensure you meet our criteria.


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